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Dafoodie was officially launched February 2010 from a coffee shop in Winter Park.


There are over 2,000 tasty dishes that have been photographed from all over the city. 


Since 2010, we have visited over 500 restaurants, few of them more than once.

Thank you for all your tasty pictures and helping the local people of Orlando discover places to eat...
— @metaldon
Thanks Dafoodie for the recommendation! I love it here!
— @krystlenguyen
I want to thank @dafoodie for posting pics from here not too long ago. I had to stop by, and the wait was worth it!!
— @gzimmerman
I love your account! You have given me exactly what I’ve been looking for... Places to get GOOD food in Orlando! Thank you :)
— @jenndia14
How does one leave your page once you land here. All this food looks soo good.
— Jake T.
Wow! Your site and FB has made me drool!
— Krystal N.
Omg I loveee your site ♥
— Sashoy F.
This page is giving me a foodgasm!
— Jordan C.
I found heaven in this page
— Gabriela T.
We went because you posted it and it was delicious. Everytime we want something new we come to your instagram page. Thank you.
— @abuela_maddie
You are making me hungry!!!!!! =) Mission... accomplished
— Colleen B.
Thank you... this is AWESOME!!!!... I’m going to use this as my resource. I’m hungry now! I will share with my friends too. Thank you thank you!!!
— Lisa H.

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